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These days, real ice is getting expensive to rent and ice time is scarce.  Private ice rentals, and the rest of our facility, are currently available for all hockey teams and hockey groups in Kamloops and surrounding areas. This is a great way to work in smaller team groups, without sharing the ice with another team, and working on those fundamental skills that will get every player engaged and involved.  Small team practices will improve their long-term development over the course of their player's career and aid in hockey success.  Smaller groups improve players' ability to read, react and adapt to a given situation; improve their ability to handle a puck under extreme pressure and confinement; and improve their skating ability, and edge work. 

There are no limitations on how to use the ice and our facility (9 players training on the ice and 9 participating in dry-land training).


Decrease the space, increase the pace!

benefits of small
group practice

  • Puck touches per player: 2x greater

  • Shots per player: 6x greater

  • Shot on goal per minute: 2.75x greater

  • Pass receptions: 5x greater

  • Pass attempts: 2x greater

  • Puck battles: 2x greater

  • Skating acceleration speed is increased as the ice surface size is reduced. Average speed has been proven to be 10% faster in smaller ice areas and groups than that on full ice

Effective skating, especially at higher levels, is a combination of turns, pivots, starts and transitions. It’s said that the NHL’s No. 1 skill isn’t top speed, it’s the ability to change speeds and accelerate quickly. Smaller ice hockey training, trains players to skate the game, rather than simply skate fast in straight lines. It provides more acceleration, more agility and more engagement. It also doubles players’ puck-handling opportunities.

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