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Synergy Hockey Training Centre is the home of one of the largest synthetic ice rinks in Canada at 2/3 the size of a NHL rink.  Our Synthetic ice is produced and manufactured by the industry leader, CAN-ICE . CAN-ICE is made from UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) combined with special polymers to produce optimal performance and durability while eliminating the need for “glide enhancers” as with other systems. CAN-ICE is the result of focused research and development specific to making a synthetic surface that offers exceptional glide quality for skating and puck response for hockey.  Hockey Canada is endorsing CAN-ICE as their official supplier of synthetic ice. Our rink provides all skaters with a12 month/365 days a year solution, to develop skating, puck control and shooting skills.  These days, we all are aware that real ice is expensive and ice-time is scarce.  With our ice, skaters can lace up and go any time they want, for a reasonable rental cost.  


  1. Mimics real ice but takes a little more effort - Synthetic ice isn’t as smooth as real ice and therefore is more resistant against skate blades (friction). So this means that it takes a little more effort than skating on a real ice surface. The benefit is that it makes you work harder to skate and that will translate into an easier experience on real ice.  Tests show that it requires 10-15% more effort than skating on actual ice. This means when you do hit the real thing, your endurance and power will be improved.

  2. Provides an ice like experience where it isn't possible to acquire ice time -  There are times where your access to ice is going to be limited by availability and/or cost. Synthetic ice is the next best thing and is available to be used 365 days a year.

  3. Always a consistent surface - Real ice rinks can sometimes be uneven. Unless you have the right temperature, the conditions can be less than perfect. This can lead to safety issues and unwanted maintenance. With our synthetic ice, you will have a smooth, almost seamless surface. You have a perfect skating surface every time.

  4. Correct body position & muscle memory - You are in your skates while on synthetic ice, therefore, your body position and height are the same as they would be on real ice. The muscle memory and body position you practice on the synthetic ice are the same as on real ice.

  5. A strong pass is a better one - When passing in hockey, players who with a strong pass have an advantage. Synthetic ice surface is more resistant so players are required to pass the puck with more force. Training on synthetic ice teaches players to make and handle crisp passes, which will translate into real ice game situations.

  6. Great for Goaltenders - Goaltenders can also benefit from using our synthetic ice.  Goaltenders can work on angles, shuffles, reflexes, and lateral slides. Goaltenders can be a better goalie faster with synthetic Ice. 

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