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Our Skating treadmill (Skatemill) operates on a large moving conveyer belt surface (similar to a treadmill), designed for players to stand on their skates at different speeds while executing skating movements all while being coached one on one.  It has been designed to improve skating, speed and consistency all while having fun!  The Skatemill teaches athletes to use the same physical technique, muscle motion, and skill sets used while skating on ice. Our program will assist in increasing players' balance, reach speeds much higher than if they were on the rink, all while strengthening their lower body muscle groups ( hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and quads).  Each skater's movement is recorded (but not saved) as part of our training. Cameras are placed on each side, front, and above each player so all angles are projected onto a large screen. This allows players to see themselves live while the instructor is providing feedback. The video is analyzed in slow motion and played back to the player to provide instant feedback.




  • Easier to learn how to skate with drop down bar to hold onto and professional instruction

  • Safer to learn how to skate with safety harness to catch skater if they fall.

  • Video analyses help players to see their mistakes in skating.


  • Higher repetition on skating treadmill creates faster gains and better muscle memory and retention than on ice; players will be able to learn new skills faster and apply them to game situations sooner.

  • Forces players to work harder than on ice due to increased friction of treadmill surface versus ice and constant force of treadmill moving against the skater.

  • Skatemill forces players to stride perfectly every time. Any skating inefficiencies will be exposed very quickly.


  • Video analyses helps fine-tune any inefficiencies that will make big differences on the ice.

  • Challenges multi-tasking abilities essential for the professional game.

  • Great for in and off-season training or rehabilitation after an injury.



Skatemill package
Single session
Skatemill package
number of sessions: 2
price:$99 + GST
number of sessions: 1
* limit of one intro offer per client,
Expires 1 month after the first visit
*Expires 1 week after the first visit
six session 
Skatemill package
number of sessions: 6
*Expires 3 months after the first visit
twelve session 
Skatemill package
number of sessions: 12
*Expires 3 months after the first visit
Three session  
Skatemill package
number of sessions: 3
*Expires 3 months after the first visit
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