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one stop goaltending
private & semi-private 
goalie lessons

Ages 8+ years
$220 - $250

Michael played at the highest levels within his age group. He has won numerous team titles and individual awards, culminating with a hockey scholarship at Lindenwood University where he played Division 1 in the ACHA for the Lindenwood Lions and won a National Championship in 2016.

Coach Michael is a life long learner and player of the goalie position, having committed to the position at the age of six. Michael’s commitment has never waivered and is stronger today than ever. Michael brings this commitment to every part of the position, the game, and especially his clients, equally on and off the ice. Over the past ten years while advancing his own playing career, Michael has been coached at and has coached with the David Marcoux School of Goaltending, and with Gold in the Net. When not training himself, Michael was an assistant and head instructor at both companies. He fully understands, believes, and supports the physical requirements of the goaltending position, and most importantly believes that mental readiness of being a goaltender is of equal or more importance. Michael developed these beliefs while taking specific mental training at Gold in the Net and The Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence Program.

While Michael brings a great sense of humour and fun to all his coaching sessions, he is very serious, hardworking, and dedicated to training and supporting all those who join him in being the best goaltender they can be.


Our private and semi-private lessons will be available on Sunday's by appointment. The private lessons will be specialized to the goaltender’s strengths and weaknesses. No two goalies learn or are taught the same way. We record drills and movement from multiple angles and review footage after each session.

Our semi-private lessons involve the instruction of 2 goalies per session. This will provide a different experience than our private lessons, as participants will learn by observing their peers in addition to direct instruction. Video of drills and movements will also be recorded from multiple angles and reviewed after each session.

book a session

private session
One on one goalie session - 1hr
cost: $220
coach: Michael Hails
bring a buddy session
Semi-private session - 2 goalies - 1hr
cost: $250
coach: Michael Hails

Register for one of our camps, and receive a 10% coupon for our 6 Skatemill session package (regular price - $300.00).  Coupon code will be sent via email once registration has been completed. 

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