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4 Sessions
Ages 5 to 9 years

Our Shooting and Passing Clinic is designed to provide skaters with fundamental knowledge of proper shooting and passing mechanics. This clinic begins with the basics, working on passing techniques and accuracy to make the transition into shooting as seamless as possible.

The key to improving your passing is to master the simple technique of looking before you pass and the fundamentals of the forehand push pass.


Once the push pass is executed properly, the player will easily master the skills of all other passes, such as the snap pass.

Shooting is a passion for most young players.  The passing and shooting camp will give you the opportunity to practice the fundamentals of shooting and to work on the key aspects of your shot; quick release and accuracy. 

This clinic will be instructed by our Director of Player Development and Head Coach Jan Ludvig.

This program will run for 3 sessions during the week. Jan will incorporate smart, intense training that will include North American and European training styles. 

upcoming sessions

Dates:November 18,25,Dec 1,8
time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
U7 -ages 5 & 6 years
Dates: November 18,25,Dec 1,8
time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
U9 -ages 8 & 9 years
coach: Jan Ludvig 
coach: Jan Ludvig 

Register for one of our camps, and receive a 10% coupon for our 6 Skatemill session package (regular price - $300.00).  Coupon code will be sent via email once registration has been completed. 

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