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body Contact

4 Sessions
Ages 11 -12 years

There is a common misconception that the skills of body contact begins at a certain age and/or age division. Body checking is a four-step progression that begins the first time a young player steps on the ice. Body checking is the final step of the checking progression.  The transition from non-contact to contact hockey can be very uncomfortable for young players, however, through this clinic players will gain the foundational skills to make the transition smoother. We will reinforce how to receive, protect and engage in body contact safely, in a controlled, safe environment. There will be detailed instruction and feedback from the coach. Players will learn the foundational skills involved with Positioning & Angling, Stick Checks and Contact Confidence (Body Contact).  The Coach will pair players accordingly to ensure the most optimal use of the session.  Full gear is required for this clinic.


In the first session, the coach will evaluate the players to ensure that skill levels are an equal match.  Players may be asked to go into another group to ensure clinics are balanced.

* Complement your training with other Synergy programs being offered all week!

upcoming sessions

U13-AGES 11 to 12 years
tuesday - friday
Dates & times:
July - Aug 3 : 6:00pm - 7:00pm
coach: Jan Ludvig

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