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In our quest to promote and support local business servicing our community, Synergy Hockey Training Centre is offering arena wall, hockey board and digital advertising. What better way to advertise your business then through having great exposure where our families gather and our children play. A variety of promotional opportunities exist at Synergy Hockey Training Centre. Opportunities exist for both year-round exposure as well as promotion specific. Our Kamloops centre is currently the only 7 days a week, 365 days a year, hockey training facility that offers a year-round sheet of ice. Our facility will cater to a broad audience serving as a venue for thousands of Kamloops and surrounding area hockey families, offering year-round programs such as 3 on 3 adult and youth hockey leagues, hockey camps, private training sessions, birthday parties, private instructor sessions, and clinics just to name a few. Your advertisement will be seen by hundreds of teams, families, and other ice activity participants.

rink boards

Rink boards place your brand, product or service above the ice surface for the public to view during the duration of activity on the ice. We have a few sizes available to suit your needs. All rink boards surrounding the ice area are 32 x 96 inches and can accommodate an advertisement of the same size. The second layer of rink boards (installed above the ice surface boards) are 40 x 96 inches.


wall banners

Wall banners are used in high traffic areas, with maximum exposure to the public and players. They will be placed on the arena walls surrounding the rink, on the walls surrounding our- coming soon – drop in shooting area, or along the back wall of our facility. Wall banners are offered in two different sizes, 3′ x 6′ and 4′ x 6′.

hallway window decals

Window decals will display your brand to stand out. They will be placed on one of the glass windows along the entrance hallway for high impact and visibility. Setting your message apart. Each wall decal will be 2′ x 3′ in size.



​Digital advertising on our facility television screens, is the most cost effective form of advertising. Your company’s informational messages, deals and services are displayed in full color on large screens in a public setting with continuous flow of traffic. Currently, we have one large screen, located in the back concourse of our center ice, visible to all who walk in. The digital add will be a scrolling and placed at the bottom of the screen.

For more information on advertising opportunities or to get set up on monthly payments for advertising with Synergy Hockey Training Centre, please contact us at


​We have provided the Advertising Space Contract for you to review.  Once you have purchased the advertising product of your choice, please email us with a copy of your logo and completed contract.

Advertising Space Contract



paid in full


DASHER BOARDS                    2.7' x 8'                    $900.00 PER YEAR                    $85.00 PER MONTH  

UPPER BOARDS                       3.3' X 8'                    $960.00 PER YEAR                    $90.00 PER MONTH  

RINK WALL BANNER                  3' X 6'                     $720.00 PER YEAR                    $70.00 PER MONTH

RINK WALL BANNER                  4' X 6'                     $840.00 PER YEAR                    $80.00 PER MONTH  

 WALL BANNER                          4' X 6'                     $840.00 PER YEAR                   $80.00 PER MONTH 

  WALL BANNER                         3' X 6'                     $720.00 PER YEAR                    $70.00 PER MONTH

  WINDOW DECAL                     2' X 3'                     $360.00 PER YEAR                    $40.00 PER MONTH  

 DIGITAL                                                                   $250.00 PER YEAR                                           N/A

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