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Synergy Hockey Training Centre is offering 3 on 3 open scrimmage hockey league, featuring fast-paced development in a fun, competitive environment.  Players will be playing on our 44' x 120' synthetic ice surface. Hockey players who are X years-old up to 35+ years-old can participate in our 3 on 3 Hockey League. 

Sign-up as an individual, with a friend or with your current hockey team. Team entry enables your team to stay together and play all year long. This is a great opportunity for players to get to know their teammates and be ready to play better together.  All individual entries will be placed on teams based on age and skill level.


  • The 44’ x 120’ synthetic ice surface puts the players in the offensive zone the entire game which means they are always in a scoring position.

  • Having one team in the offensive zone the entire game means that the opposition is always in the defensive zone. Players must have their head on a swivel at all times to ensure strong defensive play.

  • Goalies must always be alert as they will never face this many shots in a regular game.

  • All players will develop a scoring touch around the net while learning to play two-way hockey.

  • Puck control and quick passes are the name of the game

  • There is nowhere to hide on the ice! The constant game-time dramatically improves players’ skills and abilities.

[season  information]

The season run November till the end of December. There will be 8 game days.  

  • All games are played on synthetic ice at Synergy Hockey Training Centre

  • Games will be played on various evenings depending on amount of teams (game days will be provided prior to league start)

  • Games will vary in start time (start time will be provided prior to league start)

  • One hour is allotted – 10 minute warm  – 4 x 10 minute run-time periods

  • No referees will be scheduled for these games

  • There are two dressing rooms – One for each team

  • Full hockey gear is required for games

  • Goalies are Free of charge, however; registration is still required


[ cost ]

Individual registration is $120 + taxes and Team registration is $720 + tax


​[ 3 0N 3 RULES ]

  • No stoppage of plays!

  • Clear the zone rule after a goal is scored.

  • Non-contact for all ages

  • Minor penalties are served by missing the remainder of that shift (or part of the next). In the event of a tie, the team with the fewest penalties will get one penalty shot to win the game. If the shot is unsuccessful, a sudden victory shoot-out will occur

  • Major penalties are deemed to be 5 minutes and will result in immediate expulsion from the game. depending on the severity of the penalty, the Synergy Hockey Training Centre may take additional action in accordance with a local league rules. Fighting will result in immediate expulsion from the league.




  • Refunds or credits will not be given to players for missed games or suspensions.

  • Season dates and details are subject to change based on the policies of health agencies and the guidelines implemented by the Provincial Government of British Columbia. In the event the length of the season is shortened due to a delayed start, players fees will be adjusted. In the event game play is interrupted after the season has started and is unable to resume, a credit will be issued to each players account, based on the number of games remaining at the time of interruption.

[ TO register for 3 on 3, PLEASE CLICK "register now" BELOW ]

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